RFID Site Installation

RFIDKNOW Site Installation and Commissioning Services are tailored to support Value Added Resellers (VARs). By
leveraging RFIDKNOW's national deployment team, you can compliment your technology offering with top-notch delivery
and support services to ensure your project objectives are met and your customer expectations are exceeded.

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RFIDKNOW - Expertise


RFIDKNOW is focused on designing, installing, commissioning, and supporting RFID systems. We understand that RFID systems have unique challenges and considerations which make the difference between successful and failed projects. Our team of experts helps with identifying the configuration and architecture necessary to meet your goals.

RFIDKNOW Benefits:

  • Hardware & System Expertise
  • Reduced Time of Implementation
  • Site Engineering On-Demand
  • Identify Roadblocks & Challenges
  • RFIDKNOW - Quality


    RFIDKNOW treats every project with importance. Each environment is different and RFID systems cannot successfully be implemented with a copy and paste strategy. Our team of experts takes into consideration the environment, workflow, process, and success KPIs.

    Common Issues Discovered:

  • Dead Zones
  • Crossover
  • Stray Reads & Reflections
  • RFIDKNOW - Commitment


    RFIDKNOW is committed to providing professional services of a caliber to match the high quality of software and hardware which you provide to your customers. We will help in advance to review the bill of materials (BoM) and configuration to avoid project surprises or delays. Our experienced team will quickly communicate any challenges found during the project and work with you and your customer to resolve problems quickly and professionally.

    Our Commitment:

  • Customer Experience Centric
  • Focus on Quality
  • Communicate Effectively
  • General Guidance - RFID

    RFID performance depends upon a large number of variables including the antennas, readers, tags, setup & configuration, as well as the environment in which the system will be operating. Building a functioning RFID solution requires real-world testing, significant attention to detail, and setting realistic goals and expectations. All components of the RFID Solution must be considered as dependencies to the combined system performance and cannot be selected in isolation. Successful implementations necessitate advanced planning and testing which can only be accomplished through a physical site survey. It's higly encouraged to engage RFIDKNOW early in your customer discussions that we can assist your team to lay groundwork to maximize ROI and project success.


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