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Welcome to the RFIDKNOW Resource Hub. These resources were developed
collaboratively over the years by industry experts from around the globe
and across all industries to provide organizations the guidance needed to
strategically apply digital technologies, ensure trustworthiness and
achieve digital transformation. The tools guide users through the analysis,
assessment and planning of their own RFID project, and bridging the gap
between today’s challenges and digital transformation.

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RFID Readers & Antennas

Learn about the various readers and antennas used for RFID data collection:

  • Basic Reader Types & Features
  • How to select the right RFID equipment
  • Best Practices for project success
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RFID Tags, Labels, and Printers

Gain insight into smart labels/tags and printers used encode datasets.

  • RFID Printer Types & Features
  • Selecting the right label/tag
  • Label/Tag dataset encoding
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RFID Application Software

Explore data collection and insights with RFID

  • Edge and Application Software
  • Location and Sensor Data
  • Data Integration & Reporting
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Why Customers Are Choosing RFIDKNOW?

The RFIDKNOW team allows gives me immediate access to years of niche RFID experience across a broad range of projects.


Working with RFIDKNOW was easy even though most meetings were remote. Everyone was very responsive and helpful.


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