Trusted Expertise

Years of industrial RFID and IoT experience and hundreds of implementations.

Quality Engineering

Proven and reliable products to meet industry needs.

Global Projects

Global products engineered to support worldwide RFID and IoT deployments.

Maintain Focus

Products that enable partners to focus on solutions without custom fabrications.

Time Savings

Modular systems and kits to speed testing, roll-out, and support.

Plug and Play

Off-the-shelf compatibility with industry leading technologies.

Featured Products

Whether you're looking to begin a new RFID project or have been using RFID for years, our team can help with your project success.

FlexAntenna Portals

FlexAntenna Portals RFID

Innovative RFID portals with unparalleled performance and flexibility. Fully compatible with all leading UHF RAIN RFID systems.

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GPIO sensors complete with wiring harnesses and brackets to fit leading equipment allows easy addition of smart sensors and alerts.

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Project Management

Mounts & Accessories HARDWARE

Quality engineered mounting systems for conveyor systems, dock doors, and virtually any configuration. Ready-made kits are scalable alternative to custom fabrications.

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